To Our Clients and Staff,

Whether a member of our project or executive team, a client, or the broader community, this singular endeavor continues to be the cornerstone of TSI’s success:

Be of Service. Create Value.

If we commit to serving our customers, colleagues, and our communities, we create value with lasting benefits.  While that is not easy, it’s worth the effort.

By living this principle, we have developed a list of trusted clients, improved the lives of our employees — personally and professionally —and contributed to the larger community in meaningful ways.  To this end we encourage and support our staff and our partners to do the same.

TSI takes this responsibility seriously and works hard to ensure it is supported and valued.  I am proud to be a part of this corporate culture and to watch those around us thrive.

– Scotty Martin

Company Overview

The story of Tech Systems, Inc. is rooted in serving the Federal Government and the U.S. Military with operational excellence. It is also a story of dedication to its employees and customers, combined with old-fashioned hard work.  A Veteran-Owned, Small Business (VOSB), with corporate headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington DC, TSI, operates on 10 military installations and Federal agency sites nationwide.

TSI’s business lines cut across the logistics management support spectrum, from Maintenance operations consisting of some of DOD’s most complex equipment,  fuel operations to warehouse services, and from Munitions handling management services to military uniform tailoring. We leverage the deep-level professional knowledge of our staff and more than 3 decades of experience to help our clients operate more efficiently.

With our ability to re-design and streamline processes and provide significant savings to its Government customers, TSI has been re-awarded contracts up to 5 times and unseated long-standing incumbents, including one of over 80 years.

TSI’s Quality Management Policy Statement

TSI delivers quality results to meet, and exceed, customer expectations while continuously improving processes within regulatory compliance.

We accomplish this by:

  • Operating a customer and results oriented focused organization 
  • Communicating clearly, and effectively with all stakeholders to include customers, employees and business partners
  • Managing a variety of risks with a proactive Leadership at all levels
  • Promoting employee engagement and development